Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let’s make hay while the sun shines

The proverb “Make hay while the sun shines” is very well-known among the Burmese, which specify to seize firmly opportunities that come never twice.
Now in Thailand, the sun of MSMO fully arises on 28, June, 2009, for many purposes;
-To build unity among the Myanmar student monks.
-To work together for the promotion and propagation of Buddhism.
-To handle the most challenging problem of accommodation during student monks studies.
-To upgrade the lives of migrant workers across Thailand.
-To get more friendship and familiarity between Myanmar and Thai monks.
-And so on..........

Now in Thailand, the sun of MSMO comes up already,

making hay—hay of MSMO’s purposes is our instant inevitable responsibility.

If there’s someone who exerted sentient beings to centre oneself, to emphasize on spiritual growth rather than material one, not to fall on dogma and not to believe in almighty Gods who say so mastermind the destiny of all beings, that’s I swear, the Buddha. His one significant message is to strive for the welfare of the world, to strive for the welfare of relatives and friends and to strive for the welfare of oneself, at least if one cannot fulfills the first two.

Sure, all living beings are utterly fulfilling the last two facts, yet their acts are fair or pure. To quote what the Buddha taught, to accumulate above three issues, one must obey bodily, verbal and mental disciplines; not to harm other, not to exploit, not to speak vain and false talk, not to think about mental violations and so on. The fulfillment, thus, will be fair and pure. We all monks are the Buddha’s warriors who fight for physical and mental peace and carry non-violent and peaceful Metta, loving-kindness instead of massive and explosive weapons. Why not we use our strengths and skills to elevate the sublime Dhamma?
In conclusion, let me repeat “the sun of MSMO now fully appears; let’s make hay together-hay of MSMO’s purposes”.

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