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Information for MCU

Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Offers the opportunity of studying in its
English Programme
Leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree
With a major in Buddhist Studies
MCU Background
Mahachulalongkornrajvidyalaya University is a Buddhist university established by His Majesty King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V to provide higher education to Buddhist monks and laypeople. The university started its educational services on November 8, BE 2432/ CE 1890.
At present, the University has ten campuses nationwide with approximately students in all, plus three affiliated institutions: one in Songkla in southern Thailand, one in Korea and a further one in Taiwan. The University has four faculties at the
undergraduate level : those of Education, the Social Sciences, Buddhism and the Humanities.
The Faculty of Buddhism has offered undergraduate courses since BE 2490/ 1947, from which students, both Thai and foreign, have successfully graduated. In more recent times, MCU has organised a number of national and international conferences on Buddhism, which have led to an increase in the number of people of various nationalities wishing to know more about Buddhism, at both a practical and theoretical level.
As a consequence, the Faculty of Buddhism has decided to offer, from BE 2550 (2007) onward, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Buddhism taught entirely in the English medium. The course will be open to persons of all nationalities, both monastic and lay. This is in keeping with Charter 6 of the MCU regulations of BE 2540 (AD 1997), which specify that the University should function both as an educational institution and a research centre, offering education and research facitities to all. It should also be a centre aimed at the preservation of Thai art and culture.
Qualifications for Admission
Applicants are expected to possess the following qualifications:
1. Grade 12 (Mathayom 6) or its
equivalent, or higher, from any accredited institution in Thailand or abroad, with an average GPA of 2.50 or higher
2. To have never been previously
dismissed by any MCU faculty
3. To have gained a minimum of 50% in
the MCU entrance examination
Duration of Study
The duration of study is four years, during which students are required to attend all classes. Please consult the Handbook for further information.
Application Form and Examination Fees
The fees for the application form and entrance examination are 500 baht (US$15).
Application for Admission
A. For Thai applicants
Thai applicants who are interested in enrolling in
program must complete the application form and submit it to the office of the Faculty of Buddhism, Room 300, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Wat Mahathat, Tha Phra Chan, Bangkok 10200, Thailand, Tel/ Fax +662 226 6026. email :
Applicants must also submit the following
1. One copy of the official transcript of
their high school certificates or other certificates as described above.
Phra Dhammakosajarn
Rector of MCU
2. One letter of recommendation from
their teacher
3. Monks and novices: two copies of the
official (Nang Sue Suddhi) certificate
Laypeople: two copies of the identity card, plus three recent one-inch photos.
B. For foreign applicants
Foreign applicants currently living in
Thailand should submit the following documents to the above office:
1. Two copies of the official transcript of
their high school certificates or other certificates as described above.
2. One letter of recommendation from their
3. Two copies of the page in their passport
containing personal details, plus three recent one-inch photos.
C. For Bangladesh applicants
1. Both the Year 10 secondary school
certificate (SSC) and the Year 12 high school certificate (HSC).
2. These must be certified to be true by a
Public Notary and by the Bangladesh Embassy in Bangkok.
3. Monks and novices must also bring a
character certificate and an ordination certificate from the Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh.
In all cases, applications must be submitted no later than …… ………. …….
Entrance Examination
Candidates are required to pass both a written
and an oral entrance examination aimed at determining their knowledge in the following areas:
1. General Knowledge and Buddhism
2. English Proficiency
Entry into Thailand
1. Successful applicants will be
required to take a writen exam following their arrival in Thailand.
2. Those who pass that examination
will then be supplied with a letter of admission, which can then be presented to the Royal Thai Embassy, or Consulate, in their country of residence, so as to obtain the appropriate visa, as requested in that letter. A tourist visa is not accepted.
3. Entry into Thailand in the
absence of the appropriate visa will necessitate exit and subsequent re-entry.
4. Notification: successful applicants will be notified before June.
Tuition and Fee
1. Registration for B.A. Students Status is 500 Baht.
2. Tuition fee in regular is 300 bath per credit.
3. Support the University is 1,000 Baht.
4. Thai students : 7,000 baht / academic year.
Phra Suthithammanuwat
Dean of Faculty of Buddhism
Financial Aid/ Scholarship
- None provided by the University.
- None provided by the University.
Educational System
The academic year is divided into two semesters; each consisting of sixteen weeks. A summer session follows the second semester.
First semester: June – October
Second semester: November – March
Summer session: April – May
Enrollment and Registration
1. All candidates who have been granted admission are required to register within the period stipulated by the Faculty of Buddhism.
2. All candidates are also required to enroll for all the subjects taken in the first semester of each academic year.
3. Candidates must pay all fees prior to the commencement of the semester.
3. Candidates are required to enroll in at least 16, but not more than 22 credits in each full semester.
Probation and Dismissal
1 Students who obtain a cumulative GPA
below 1.75 in the first year will be put on probation.
2 Students who obtain a cumulative GPA
below 2.00 in the second year will be dismissed.
3 Students are forbidden to work either part-
time or full-time in Thailand.
- Students’ progress is assessed in each semester by way of examinations, presentations, assignments, or any other method deemed appropriate.
- Students must attend at least 80% of classes in each semester in order to be qualified to take the examination.

The following conditions must be satisfied in order to graduate:
1. The period of study must cover at least eight full semesters.
2. Students must have passed the examinations in all compulsory subjects contained in the curriculum. Some are elective.
3. Students must gain at least 140 cumulative credits.
4. Students must gain a cumulative GPA of at
least 2.00.
5. Students must gain a B grade in all
required and major subjects, as well as an S grade in all supplementary subjects evaluated as S or U.
Curriculum of Bachelor of Arts in Buddhism
(B.A. Buddhism)
Title of Degree:
1 Full title: Bachelor of Arts in Buddhism
2 Abbreviated title: B.A. (Buddhism)
1 To offer a Buddhist education in English to other non-Thai
2 To diversify the role of the MCU as the World Center of Buddhist Studies
3 To develop a knowledge of Buddhism in English
4 To provide a better English-speaking workforce in Buddhist circles and related organizations
There are three departments in the Faculty of Buddhism offering 7 majors and 2 minors as follows:
1 Department of Buddhism: 2 majors
- Buddhism
- Abhidhamma
2 Department of Religion and Philosophy: 2 minors
- Religion
- Philosophy
3 Pali and Sanskrit: 5 majors
- Sanskrit
- Buddhism and Pali
- Pali
- Pali and Sansakrit
- Certificate of Pali
Curriculum structure
1 General Courses 30 credits
2 Major Courses 104 credits
2.1 Buddhism courses 30 credits
2.2 Specialized courses 74 credits
2.2.1 Applied Buddhism 10 credits
2.2.2 Majors 46 credits
2.2.3 Minors 18 credits
3 Electives 6 credits
TOTAL 140 credits
Courses in Curriculum
Major in Buddhism Academic year 2551 (2008)
First year
First Semester
A. General Courses
000104 Economics in Daily Life 2 credits
000107 Techniques of Higher Education (2) credits
000109 Religions 2 credits
000114 Language and Communication 2 credits
B. Specialized Courses
-Core Subjects in Buddhism
000116 Basic English 2 credits
000147 Tipitaka Studies 2 credits
000148 Vinaya Pitaka 2 credits
000149 Suttanta Pitaka 2 credits
000151 Buddhist Meditation I (2) credits
Total 14(4) Credits
Second Semester
A. General Courses
000115 Introduction to Linguistics 2 credits
000108 Introduction to Philosophy 2 credits
000210 Introduction to Logic 2 credits
000139 Basic Mathematics 2 credits
000117 Advanced English 2 credits
B. Specialized Courses
- Core Subjects in Buddhism
000144 Pali Composition and Translation 2 credits
000152 Buddhist Meditation II 1 credits
000250 Abhidhamma Pitaka 2 credits
000262 Dhamma Communications 2 credits
Total 17 Credits
Second year
First Semester
A. General Courses
000102 General Law 2 credits
000103 Thai Politics and Government 2 credits
000138 Basic Statistics and Research 2 credits
B. Specialized Courses
-Core Subjects in Buddhism
000158 History of Buddhism 2 credits
000259 Buddhist Festival and Traditions 2 credits
000246 Advanced Pali Grammar 2 credits
000253 Buddhist Meditation III 2 credits
000261 Dhamma in English (2) credits
Total 14 (2) Credits
Second Semester
A. General Courses
000101 Man and Society 2 credits
000211 Thai Culture 2 credits
000242 Introduction to Computer and
Information Technology 2 credits
B. Specialized Courses
- Core Subjects in Buddhism
000145 Pali Literature 2 credits
000254 Buddhist Meditation IV 1 credits
000260 Thai Sangha Aministration 2 credits
000263 Research and Literary Work
On Buddhism 2 credits
Total 13 Credits
Third year
First Semester
A. Core Subjects in Buddhism
000355 Buddhist Meditation V (2) credits
101301 Buddhism and Science 2 credits
B. Major Subjects
101303 Essence of Buddhism I 3 credits
101307 Theravada Philosophy 3 credits
101308 Dhammapada Studies 3 credits
101324 Life and Works of Buddhist Scholars 2 credits
101325 Buddhadhamma and Thai Society 2 credits
C. Minor Subjects
103314 Comparative Religion 3 credits
D. Free Elective Subjects
102319 Buddhist Logic 2 credits
Total 20 (2) Credits
Second Semester
A.Core Subjects in Buddhism
100356 Buddhist Meditation VI 1 credits
101302 Buddhism and Social Work 2 credits
B. Major Subjects
101309 Visuddhimagga Studies 3 credits
101310 Communicaton in Buddhism 3 credits
101311 Mahayana Buddhism 3 credits
101323 Buddhism in the Contemporary
World 2 credits
C. Minor Subjects
103306 Theravada Buddhism 3 credits
103323 Buddhism and Leadership 2 credits
D. Free Elective Subjects
102428 Buddhist Ethics 2 credits
Total 21 Credits
Four year
First Semester
A. Core Subjects in Buddhism
000457 Buddhist Meditation VII 1 credits
101403 Buddhism and Ecology 2 credits
101404 Applied Dhamma 2 credits
B. Major Subjects
101412 Mahayana Sutras 3 credits
101413 Buddhist Arts 3 credits
101414 Advanced Dhamma in English 3 credits
101429 Buddhism and Peace 2 credits
C. Minor Subjects
103429 Religion and Juvenility 2 credits
103430 Religion and the Status of Women 2 credits
D. Free Elective Subjects
104331 Philosophy of Education 2 credits
Total 22 Credits
Second Semester
A.Core Subjects in Buddhism
101405 Buddhism and Economics 2 credits
B. Major Subjects
101415 Psychology in Tipitaka 3 credits
101416 Independent Study of Buddhism 3 credits
101417 Seminar on Buddhism 3 credits
101431 Buddhism and Sustainble
Development 2 credits
C. Minor Subjects
103324 Religion and Dialogue 2 credits
103327 Religion and Professional
Development 2 credits
103332 Religion and Sociology 2 credits
Total 19 Credits
Teaching Staff and Permanent Lecturers
1. Prof. Dr Phra Dharmakosajarn (Prayoon
Dhammacitto) Rector
Pali IX, Ph.D. (Philosophy)
2. Phra Dheppariyatsudhi Deputy Rector
Pali IX, B.A. (Philosophy, Religion)
3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phra Sudthiworayan Deputy Rector
Pali VIII, Ph.D. (Buddhist Studies)
4. Assist. Prof. Dr. Phramaha Somjin Sammapanno
Deputy Rector Pali IX, Ph.D. (Buddhist Studies)
5. Dr. Phra Wisutthiphattharathada
Deputy Rector
Pali V, M.A., Ph.D. (Philosophy)
6. Assist. Prof. Dr. Suthithammanuwat Dean of Faculty of Buddhism
Pali IX, M.A., Ph.D. (Pali)
7. Dr. Phra Srisitthimuni Dean of Graduate School
Pali IX, M.A., Ph.D. (Linguistics)
8. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phra Rajpanyamethi Permanent Lecturer
Pali IX, M.A., Ph.D. (Philosophy)
9. Phra Rajsitthimuni Wi. Permanent Lecturer
Pali IX, B.A., M.A. (Comparative Religion)
10. Phra Sithawatchamethi
Assistant to Rector
Pali IX. B.A., M.A. (Philosophy)
11. Phra Methiratanadilok
Permanent lecturer
M.A., Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Visiting Lecturers
1. Phra Pandit Cittasamvaro, B.A. (Buddhist Psycology)
2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vatchara Ngamcitcarean
Ph.D. (Philosophy)
3. Assant. Prof. Dr. Saowaluck Lertbut Surapolchai, Ph.D. (DBA Project Management)
4. Dr. Peter Dennis Masefield, Ph.D. (Buddhist Studies)
5. Assant. Prof. Boon Ketudassa
M.A. (Religious Studies)
6. Dr. Veerachart Nimanong, Ph.D. (Philosophy)
7. Dr. Kanokwan Komalittipong,
Ph.D. (Buddhist Studies)
8. Mr Dion Peoples, M.A. (Thai Studies)
9. Mr. Mark Framus Hoolahan, B.Sc. (Chemistry)
10. Mrs. Dhiraporn Chaivatcharaporn, M.A. (English for
Non-Native Speakers)
11. Mrs. Phanit Jetjirawat, M.A. (Buddhist Studies)
Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2008
Application Period : 10 – 30 April, 2008
Written Entrance Exam: 18 May, 2008
Announcement of Written Exam: 23 May, 2008
Interview: 25 May, 2008
Announcement of Interview Results: 28 May, 2008
Registration: 1 June, 2008
Orientation: 15June, 2008
First semester begins: 18 June, 2008
Meditation Retreat
Educational Place :
Mahachalalongkornrajavidyalaya University 55th kelomester, Phaholayothin Rd., Lumsai Sub-district, Wangnoi District, Phranakornsri Ayudhya Province.
For more information, Please contact
The Faculty of Buddhism (English Programme) Office Mahachula Building (Room 300)
Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Wat Mahathat, Tha Phra Chan, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel. Tel./ Fax : (662) 226 – 6026 ext. 103
Website :
E-mail :

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